First “HOHOHO” Wave

Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 19h00 (CET, UTC+1)

Second “Not to miss” Wave

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 19h00 (CET, UTC+1)

Third “I am coming for sure” Wave

Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 19h00 (CET, UTC+1)

Fourth “Anything available?” Wave

Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 19h00 (CET, UTC+1)

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Host Organizing Committee

Rotaract letter .

Dear Rotaractors around the world,

It is an honor to welcome you to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the heart of the Balkan. Having grown up in this city, and witnessing its uniqueness and incredible vibes, I am certain that it has exactly what it takes to host the perfect European Rotaract Conference, EuCo.

My “dreams come true” story has started back in 2011 when Belgrade hosted Winter REM. As an Interactor, behind the airport Welcome desk, I was impressed seeing countless people of different nationalities, origins, and speaking different languages constantly coming to my home city with the same purpose – to ACT! To SERVE! And from that moment, I have known that Rotaract will be my style of life and Belgrade will be again “The Place to BE”.

After every Rotaract event, I was coming home, telling my sister and one of REM Organizers, how we can do more! How we can host bigger! My sister Sanja and I were talking, dreaming, planning and it could have very well stayed just “on paper”, had it not been for my best friend who stopped the car on our way back from REM Ljubljana. “Tanja, stop talking! We will make the best EuCo! End of story.” And Danilo continued to drive…

Like every great story what we were missing is the blond friendly girl. “Hey, would you like to take part in bidding for next EuCo?” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I AM DREAMING ABOUT IT”. Yes, Jovana was screaming and I was deaf for a couple of days after. Enthusiastically we had started and at this moment, while I am writing this letter, we are six months apart from EuCo Belgrade 2019.

It is “a dream comes true” story, but not just mine. It stopped being the dream for the Serbian delegation after winning in Belgium. There, for the first time, after hearing “Euco 2019 will be in Belgrade” I turned myself around. I could see Sanja’s “Sis, I told you so”, Danilo’s “Finally” and Jovana’s “It’s happening” looks! And the feeling, WOW IT FELT AMAZING and still lasting!

And now? Well, now I have the opportunity to celebrate my 26th birthday with all my Rotaract friends and proudly say that Rotaract is my life! It will be, by all senses, – A PARTY TO REMEMBER, and I invite you all to celebrate together!

This event is now a reality for Serbian Rotaractors, for all hard workers who have joined us on this beautiful journey to #EuCo2019 and we invite you all to join our story! Let’s make together #ThePlacetoBElgrade better and bigger!

Yours in Rotaract,

Tanja Živanović

Head of Host Organizing Committee

The HOC Team .

If you have questions you can contact Tanja, Danilo, Jovana or Sanja via email by clicking on their function title. For pre and post trip you can contact Ksenija, Adnan, Aleksandra or Teodora.
Tanja Živanović

President, Leader of HOC
Danilo Babić

Conference, Accommodation, Logistics
Jovana Vukadinović

PR, Social Media
Sanja Milošević

Gala dinner, Opening Ceremony, Program
Petar Djordjević

Ticketing, Website
Ljubiša Stamatović

Sponsors, Activities
Vera Stojanović

Creative, Marketing
Teodora Miljuš

Filip Paunović

Budget, Finance
Jovana Raković

Budget, Finance
Ksenija Dimitrić

Pre EuCo Vojvodina
Tijana Bjeljac

Pre EuCo Bosnia
Adnan Mujanović

Pre EuCo Bosnia
Aleksandra Bujković

Post EuCo Montenegro
Kristina Vujisić

Post EuCo Montenegro
Teodora Živković

Post EuCo South Serbia, Nis